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Strategic Partnership
All you need for succesful Transactions!

Strategic Partnership

Love it or hate it, M&A World has changed the traditional transaction advisory game with the introduction of M&A World Global Deal Sharing System and its innovative and effective Support Center to the next generation deal advisory. Join us today!

Facts in numbers

  • 350+ acquisition advisors from 125+ countries
  • 45.000+ potential investors
  • 3.500+ seller profiles

How does it work?

  • Global Deal Sharing System
  • M&A World Support Center
M&A World Introduction
M&A World Introduction
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Global Deal Sharing System

M&A World Global Deal Sharing System is an advertising platform for acquisition advisors. It allows you to promote your listings and connect new international clients, both buyers and sellers. Great way to generate both buyer and seller leads even if you don’t have a listing of your own. (ADVERTISMENT TOOL)

All members configure their search criteria during registration and whenever a new profile is uploaded the systems sends automatic notifications from the fitted acquisition opportunities. The system works 24/7 around the clock, seeking the best matches, which makes your life easier. (AUTOMATIC MATCHES)

M&A World Support Center

M&A World is continuously monitoring the market for potential investors, business sellers and acquisition professionals globally. In case the strategic partner uploads any buy or sell side profiles to Global Deal Sharing System, additionally to the automatic operation, M&A World professionals actively search for potential matches. By using the world largest company database our professionals can determine the best fitted targets and potential investors for all clients of our strategic partners. We contact these companies directly by phone and email. If we find a match the strategic partner can further manage the transaction and close the deal. (ACTIVE SEARCH AND COMPLEX SUPPORT)

During the active search process, besides the matches, we find several other potential investors and business sellers as well, who are interested in acquisition opportunities, but not suited for the present search. We transfer these leads for our strategic partners in the strategic area. You can contact them and convince them to get a mandate. (LEAD GENERATION)

M&A World Support Center offers wide range of additional transactional services free of charge or at a low-cost base such as sale ability assesment, business value estimation, global trend check and so on in order to generate even more leads for our strategic partners.

How much does it cost?

Charges based on 2 main factors:

  • The country(ies) you are featured in
  • Success fee sharing

When you sign up, you will be asked to pick a country, that you want to be featured in. Since different countries have very different merger and acquisition markets, you will pay a different annual fee based on which countries you choose. When you receive payment from any transmitted client, either you close the deal or get fix mandate you have to share 10% of your total earnings with us.


We pay attention to confidentiality. During uploading any profiles, members can choose between 3 access levels. We recommend to upload only anonymous information

  • Public (All visitors can find these listings)
  • Registered (Only for registered users, who accepted our NDA)
  • Special (Only for M&A world support center)

If you want to promote your own listings, get fresh buyer and seller or to be supported by a professional team, it’s your opportunity to join our team. We continuously provide leads for you but of course it is depending on you how successfully  you can use them.